Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Onwards to the Lion City

We took a bus from Melaka down to Singapore to go on the trail of something quite significant. Over 50 years ago John Dunbavand and Andrew Armstrong spent two years here, serving Queen and Country and making fantastic music. Well, 52 years later, Jon Owen and Simon Dunbavand have come to seek out one of the favourite haunts of an intrepid duo of an earlier generation!

And here it is! A Muslim Indian restaurant called "Zam Zam'. Now John always used to talk about the fiery Nasi Goreng here being the best in town. The restaurant was founded back in 1908 and is still going strong, turning out its famous dishes such as Mutarbarak.

Here's Simon with a photo taken of John back in November 1958, at a location somewhere near here! Two of these photos came on this trip, and one is already floating in Singapore harbour, to close the circle, as it were. There are still plenty of photos of the Cheshire Regiment band in action, and plenty of stories Andy can recollect. Simon always remembers mention of the name Zam Zam's.

Simon and Jon both started off the special meal with a fantastic "Milo Dinosaur"!

Soon a fabulous pair of Nasi Gorengs arrived...

Jon played it safe with a Chicken Korma with plenty of chicken meat, but maybe too much ghee?

Job done! And so the pair went off to Changi Airport, but where do you think they are going next then...?


  1. God bless your dad and God bless both of you. Dad would have been proud that his boy wanted to go and search out his haunts I'm sure. Kind of brings some closure to an episode perhaps.
    Now where next? Sunny Mevagissey????

  2. It's lovely that you visited a place where your dad had been.

  3. Wow. I'm sure he'd have appreciated the gesture xx