Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Night Walk in the Jungle

Do you have any idea of the noise a rainforest makes? It seems deafening and goes on incessantly, whilst somehow this effect seems to be magnified at night. The purpose of our night time trek was not to view the larger animals of the national park, but to get up close and personal with all the insects: spiders (including tasty tarantulas…) scorpions, centipedes and stick insects. They didn’t seem to mind being illuminated by torchlight, all except the scorpions, who were very shy! Before we set off, there was time for a tasty Malay curry!

We made it to the hide overlooking the salt lick, where we waited for thirsty deer to come to the watering hole. Unfortunately, just like the tigers of Palamau in Jarkhand, they remained elusive. But that didn’t really matter, for the whole point of the night walk was simply to experience the other-worldliness of the rainforest. It’s almost impossible to put this into words, and being night, rather tricky to put into pictures too. So take it from us, being inside the rainforest at night is a pretty special experience.

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