Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Canopy Walkway

If you tend to suffer from vertigo or have a bit of a fear of heights, then look away right now. This blog entry is all about heights, for virtually all of the interesting action in a rainforest takes place right up in the canopy, and for us this is 45m above the forest floor. The trip started with a quick hop upstream by longtail, and then from the riverbank up, up into the canopy for a 500m stroll on some pretty rickety walkways. Take a look at this in action:

Following this experience, there was a further climb up to the hill Bukit Teresik to admire the view all the way to Gunung Tahan, the highest peak on peninsula Malaysia, 55km to the north. In the hot and steamy jungle, this climb was fairly demanding, but very rewarding when we finally made it!

There were some spectacular sights along the way too, particularly millions of organized ants going about their daily chores. Several lines of these wonderful creatures scampered along semi-exposed tree roots and then reformed even more orderly to single-file as they reached a thin twig en route. The morning concluded with a hearty lunch for the weary climbers, with some tasty fried rice enlivened with freshly chopped red chilli and a local air-dried river fish sautéed with ginger.

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