Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Burma in Pictures

Remember we promised you a pictorial record of our amazing adventures in Myanmar? Well, here it is! If you'd like to make a link between the pictures or work out where we were in each shot, you'll have to read all the blog entries from Burma (Myanmar). No problem: you'll enjoy hearing all about the journey!

Can you guess where we are yet? Ok, no? Well here's a clue: call us on 0066 87 80 78 663!
No more blogs until somebody posts us the correct answer!!


  1. I tell you what, I could do with one of the neck coils to wrap around my big fat bod!!!
    Tee Hee xxx

  2. And our lucky winner is: Mrs Jones. Well done Sue, yes you've guessed it, we've gone to Phuket. When we arrived at Bangkok airport we asked the sales girl where we could go, and she said "Phuket!" So we did. And it's raining, grrrr.....
    But anyways, we're going to do Phuket in our inimitable way, so watch out soon for information on amazing food and out-of-the-way places!
    PS, it's pronounced "Poo-get", but that's another story altogether......