Monday, 22 February 2010


After the rugged trek we had just completed, we followed our group’s cook to the Joy Hotel. The room was clean and cool, which is always good to escape from the harsh rays of the sun. As the cook departed, we didn’t forget to say “Cezubeh” to thank him for the delicious meals he created during the hike from Kalaw.
Talking of food, it was shortly to be our teatime! Mr Cook is a restaurant that we had heard good things about and so we headed there, admiring the occasional golden stupas on the way.We needed an excuse to eat lots to congratulate ourselves for finally reaching Nyaungshwe, so we were thankful that it was Chinese New Year. We firstly filled up with pizza, then stretched our stomachs to accommodate for a delicious grouper that had been caught in Inle Lake accompanied with fried vegetables, and coconut pancakes to top it all off! The power generator couldn’t really cope with Jon’s coconut smoothie: as the blender whooshed into life, the lights dimmed!

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