Sunday, 28 February 2010

Saeng Tham Shrine

Phuket Town is a major centre for the Hokkein Chinese diaspora: sometimes it feels more Chinese than Thai, and we’re not complaining. The position of this island between China, Malaya and India meant that in the past it became a melting pot for international cultures.

Chinese New Year tends to stretch on a bit, and last night we stumbled into the closing ceremony of all the celebrations at the interesting Saeng Tham Shrine. Among the deities served, there’s Phra Ong Sun Tai Sai, and hordes of people queued up to make their offerings and give thanks for an ensuing peaceful year.

We, on the other hand, hot-footed it in search of dinner, where Simon managed to track down the HOTTEST chicken sautéed with red curry paste and basil leaves. Yum; Ouch!

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