Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Journey From Vietnam to Laos

The alarm was set to wake us at 05.00. At 05.29, we awoke with a start: the taxi was due at 05.30! But eventually we made it onto this vintage Fokker, and down to Luang Prabang!
Our 1970s old fashioned time machine taking us back in time!
So, how exactly should we get around exploring Laos?
Guess who loves communism!
High five, low five?
What should we expect in the "Freshing redients meat" dish? Sounds exotic!
Wat's that? That's a Wat! That's wat!
Jonny goes Monk-y!
Ding Dong! It's 4pm! This calls for a celebration!
We are nimming! "Nim" means "Smile" in Lao!
Wat more could we wish for right outside the door of our hostel?
I'm getting my 10,000kip's ($1.30) worth of street food!
This lady is wokking wonders!
We are only truly happy when we're full!
Notice the wat with high wattage bulbs at night!
Trekking down to the Mekong River!
A very rickety bamboo bridge!

We're a little bit tipsy right now due to Beerlao, so excuse all the puns!

1 comment:

  1. I didn't see any huns !

    No need to worry Jon.... u can always trust an old focker :)
    Cracking photo's though.

    We was very pleased too recieve yr card... very thoughtfull.
    I just bought Jack a wot4
    so wats the wat4 is it a wot4 hangar ?