Thursday, 25 February 2010

Phuket Phood!

Well, you guessed correctly, we’ve made it to Thailand’s most popular island! But why? Well, we’re not here for the glitz, that’s for sure. Here in Phuket town, the streets are evocative of Sino-Portuguese trade in past centuries; the cuisine is top notch, and there are some hidden gems around the coast which we’ll be reporting on as the weekend approaches.

Arriving back into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport from Yangon, we had no idea exactly where we would end up. We moved slowly around the airline ticket desks asking about stand-by tickets and good deals leaving immediately. All flights to Kuala Lumpur were full: that will have to wait until next week. But the excellent Bangkok Airways could send us to Phuket that afternoon, and give us full use of their snazzy executive lounge. And here we are, at the Old Town Hostel, in the old quarter of Phuket town.

We managed to do what we do best: sniff out the local places for REAL food, and make them OUR locals, too. So, down to business:
1. Thai Spring Rolls. A few blocks away is a café doing a brisk trade in these large, tasty snacks.

They are fresh, not deep-fried like the Chinese variety. Crispy and crunchy, the spicy hoi sin sauce makes the flavours explode in the mouth. This guy must be turning one out every ten seconds or so; he looks like he’s being doing it for years, and it tastes like he’s an expert!

2. Hokkian Noodle Soup. The sign outside this little café says it’s the best noodle soup in Phuket. Who are we to disagree?

3. The Day Market. This is packed with ALL the ingredients for some tasty authentic Thai dishes.

We’ve already been shopping and bought lots of tasty food to create our interpretation of Southern Thai cuisine. Some people would pay upwards of $20 for a Thai cookery class. Well, we can go one stage better. For just 120 Baht, we’re going to take you through the stages of cooking an amazing dish: Chicken feet red curry noodle soup with pineapple.

Does that sound mouth-watering? You must cook this with us; just go down to Asda and get all the ingredients (maybe replacing chicken feet with chicken wings…) and we’ll do it all together! Look for the recipe in the next blog entry…

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