Sunday, 28 February 2010

What to do on a Sunday night in Phuket?

This was the question that we and our new friend, Ron, who is from the Netherlands, asked ourselves as we sat in the front of our hostel with some drinks. After a couple of cans each, we decided to head out around the corner into town. We ended up in an "Irish bar", though the only thing Irish about it was the harp emblems on the door. The rest was quite typically Thai, what with the bright red walls and a Thai family enjoying their supper around a large table.
As we sat down for drinks, one of the Thai ladies running the bar asked if we wanted to play a game and, to be honest, it was a great idea! She brought over a Jenga set! Not only were we thoroughly entertained but so were the bar staff and the on-watchers who were guzzling their noodle soup. The more wooden pieces we cunningly took out of the tower, the more concentration was required in order to keep the stack from tipping. It was possibly the best game of jenga that I have ever played. Such stiff competition! The bottom third of the stack was so wobbly as it was only being held together by "threads". Alas the game had to come to an end. As Ron used a straw to poke out a centre piece from the wooden mountain, he pushed all of the top blocks a little too far and, low and behold, it collapsed! Lots of heads turned to observe the loser in action! :-D

On the way back to the hostel, we saw a large vehicle that was loaded way beyond capacity with pineapples!

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