Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bangkok (Part II)

Food update: we went with our friend Alisdair to the Suan Lum Night Market for a fantastic feast! Morning Glory is a tasty green vegetable which seems to be a cross between spinach and cabbage; spicy papaya salad is a Thai staple; fried prawns with holy basil and rice with fried egg; Fried rice with prawns and crab; spring rolls; deep fried pasty shaped objects with minced chicken. Plenty of dips and the traditional Thai condiments including small, fiery chopped red chilli in vinegar and Naam Pla which packs a punch.
Net result: yum!


  1. Love the photo. Is it yours?x

  2. Hello! Yes it's our picture and that's the view from our room! X

  3. Love reading the blog Wish I was there. Love nataliex