Tuesday, 5 January 2010


After 12 hours and 40 minutes of being sat in a Quantas aeroplane, we were beginning to wonder whether or not we had, by this point, acquired the unwelcome deep vein thrombosis. Ok... we got away with it this time. The descent was spectacular as we gazed down on hundreds of boats in the harbour and marvelled at the glowing city lights. Unfortunately after landing, there was not a moment to grab a snack, rather we dashed to the minibus and headed for the docks to join our ship. The palm trees lining the avenues that we were driven down cast sleepy shadows beneath the distinct skyscrapers that whispered glows of purples and blues. It must be one of the world's greenest cities as there was a wide variety of flora everywhere we looked. After our brief tour of the city, we headed for the (not so attractive) docks and boarded the ship. We were the last people on the gangway and with an hour still to spare, we were able to stand up on deck and watch as we exchanged the lights of Singapore for the darkness of the Java Sea in the night.

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