Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Perfect Rambuttan shake

Well here it is! The essence of Indochina in a glass: after you've been pounding the pavements of Phnom Penh all day, what you need is the most tasty fruit experience, all whooshed together with ice. Yum!
You don't want rambuttan? Ok, why not select from custard apples at the top, to mangosteen.
We can't wait to try this, both as a shake and as something to nibble on. I wonder what it smells like.....


  1. Looks kinda light and fluffy.............like me!!!!!!!!! The ingredients and method are easy to follow too aren't they?!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can get rambutans here in places like Waitrose too. I used to get odd fruit and get the kids finding out what they were for prizes. Killed a lesson!! Then we'd cut 'em up and taste 'em. Great.Have fun. xxx

  2. Fluffiness is all, believe me!