Saturday, 30 January 2010

Vietnamese Bakery!

After spending a little while in this exotic area of the world, it was impossible for us to resist a stop in the French style bakery we stumbled upon. They had all sorts of goodies from french-style baguettes to pains au chocolate, from chocolate brownies to cute little cakes with teddy bear toppings on top. Tempting! As Jon was craving icing (for some reason) we had to opt in for the teddy bear cakes! We let our teeth sink into what we thought was the sweet icing that would recreate some of the home comforts! Wrong! Instead it was like chomping on a stick of semi-melted butter, only slightly sweeter! And I mean slightly! The cake underneath was gorgeous though! It consisted of a beautiful light, fluffy sponge and was absolutely loaded with sugar! Perhaps the sugar from the icing leaked out into the sponge cake below?


  1. Guys, you write about food in such a way that is REALLY hard not to run for something yummy to eat immediately! And the picture! *.*

  2. How could you? How could you possibly eat those endearing little teddy bears? You're not going anywhere near our Teddies again if that's the way you carry on, and they were so looking forward to seeing Uncle Simon again in April and meeting Uncle Jonny. Now say sorry at once!!!!!!!! xxx