Monday, 11 January 2010

Semarang and Kopi Luwak

We're sitting here writing to you from the Cafe de Excelso in the centre of Semarang on the Indonesian island of Java: it's a massive city at the foot of the mountains, and this morning we've already visited the huge Chinese temple at the square of Gam Lombok. The temple is shrouded in incense, with hundreds of candles illuminating golden statues, the gloom being also pierced by the glow of red lanterns.

We walked a few kilometres from the docks, being hassled constantly by taxi drivers, moto riders and such-like. Eventually a persistent old man with a captivating smile ushered us onto his rickshaw. Here, unlike in Bangladesh the rickshaw driver peddles from behind, the passengers sitting upfront. In the swarming traffic of the busy city, it's a hair-raising ride. We are due to meet him right now for the ride back!

We've just finished drinking a cup of Kopi Luwak. Frankly, it's the world's best coffee! We paid $9 for one cup. Why is it so expensive? Well, to find out, take a look at the next blog entry when we post it. Don't try this at home folks.......

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