Monday, 25 January 2010

What's the weirdest thing you've eaten?

That's a classic question that floats around between travellers!
Imagine yourself strolling aimlessly along a busy road where there just doesn’t seem to be any Highway Code. Then, suddenly, something catches your eye on the other side. By now we have learned that the easiest and safest way to cross the road is to disobey everything that you were ever taught as a child and just walk out into the path of vehicles (when they aren’t going too fast nor when they are too close of course!). But unlike on our trip in India, these people will generally slow down to let us live another day anyway. So to continue, imagine that you have crossed the loud and congested street and are now standing at a peculiar looking food cart. The food cart is small, white, it moves around on two wheels and it even has a hob on the top for cooking. What delicious delicacies can you see? Have you feasted your eyes on some western style hotdogs with the finishing touches of ketchup and mustard? Or have you spotted more of our favourite Asian noodles being tossed several metres into the air? Maybe you have seen colourful fruits that you’ve never even dreamt of? If you are thinking along these lines, then you’d normally be correct. But not in this case!
Our curiosity indeed got the better of us as we were gazing into baskets of maggots, crickets, cockroaches, quails, duck embryos, snakes, beetles and tarantulas. Simon was a little stuffed after the small banquet we had at the night market, but Jon figured that he’d be able to stretch out an extra pocket of gastrointestinal space. And that he did! Only enough to enjoy a tarantula and a snake though. The tarantula was ever so slightly crispy and it had been slightly flavoured to taste like BBQ ribs. Jon started by shoving the front four legs into his mouth and reported back that they were similar to crispy chilli beef that us westerners have in our Chinese takeaways. As for the body, it was very much like the legs only it was much more succulent! Jon also exclaimed that it was like he had reached another galaxy!

The snake on the other hand can be described as having a texture of roast chicken (apart from in the beginning when Jon thought that the vertebrae were also edible! Duh!).

In terms of wishful thinking, the same stall should be there tomorrow!

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  1. Jonny looks as though he didn't go much on the snake by the photo!! Nothing like a nice Sunday roast!!!!!!!!!
    I remember missing potatoes and milk abroad, the first things I would have when I got home. I always enjoy all the different things but I always want those when I get home. xxx

  2. That is disgusting. Jon looks like one of those survival experts on the telly. a bit like Bear Grylls. Go and get some fish and chips mate !!