Saturday, 30 January 2010

Vietnamese Street Bakery!

Look at this cute harmless lady with her welcoming smile and her yoke full of weird and wonderful shaped doughnuts! She spotted us a mile off and she just knew how vulnerable we were! We gazed in temptation at her two baskets of goodies and couldn't resist (as she jolly well knew!). We took three small ones and asked her how much it would come to. She charged us 40.000 Dong and, as we weren't familiar with the currency at this point, we thought we were getting a good deal! We, in effect, paid US$2 for 3 small pieces of dough! Result (for her)!

And, talking of getting ripped off, how can it cost 190,000 Dong for a short taxi ride from the Old Quarter to the Myanmar embassy? It seems that some shady operators have meters which can run fast. And fast it ran for us. But the good news, for us, is that now our passports are well and truly lodged with the Burmese authorities for our visas to be processed!

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