Thursday, 14 January 2010

Kuantan and the First Nasi Campur

Our day (the first of many to come, but much later in our Eastern Odyssey) in Peninsular Malaysia started with a successful internet flight-booking session. This means that our itinerary is now fixed right up until our return to Malaysia in March. To find out where we will be going (and when) then keep following: we’ll keep you posted soon enough! Now, onto one of the main features of the forthcoming blog entries: food!

Nasi Campur starts off with the opening up of the lid on a large vat of hot, steamed rice, and the scooping up of a large portion onto your plate. The server uses a small plate as a spoon to get the mound just right! Next, you proceed along the buffet line, selecting spoonfuls of whatever takes your fancy. Today, fried fish was a particular speciality, with many different varieties to tempt the hungry diner.

Our version of Nasi Campur commenced with mounds of rice, to which we added a grilled chicken leg in sweet and sour barbeque sauce; a chicken leg in a korma-type sauce; mussels in a rich and spicy tomato sauce with onions; cubes of beef rolled in sesame seeds with peanuts; vegetable stir fry; Chicken Rendang; a thick and unctuous soy sauce, which really made the rice taste fantastic! Then for the icing-on-the cake…..sambal: this will feature heavily in our dining blogs for the next three months. It’s a fiery chilli relish. Wooooosh, was this one HOT! We couldn’t resist finishing off with a freshly fried banana fritter. Sweet and totally yum!

The mussels were perhaps the star of this feast (17 Malaysian Ringits for the lot!)
We’re going to try this one at home…..

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