Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Khmer Classics

Here in Cambodia, the cuisine is absolutely amazing! Above is a simple basket of everything you will need to create an authentic Cambodian stir-fry.
Jon's taking a close look at all the produce on offer at the bustling Psar Chaa; "Psar" means market. We tried Khmer sour soup with lemongrass and fish; Amok curry with chicken (it's very fragrant and a little like the Thai red curries); sweet and sour chicken; fried rice with vegetables. Actually the fried rice rules above all: tasty and filling. Later tonight we're off to the little Psar Ta Pang night market for a nibble from each of the street stalls!
If you eat a little too much, you'll end up like this! Don't forget that Phnom Penh is a city of vast contrasts: the regal architecture and sculpture doesn't sit well with the grinding poverty and hardships. Just below the surface of urban life is the usual poverty of the favelas, with all its attendant sights and odours. The French may have let Cambodia fester, whilst the evil regime of the Khmer Rouge has cast a shadow over the chances of the drive to modern development. We can still feel this down on the street with every step we take.
Tomorrow brings new experiences, for we are to fly up to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. So watch this space!

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